Women in Ag: Monica Ozores-Hampton

Monica Ozores-Hampton is known as the Queen of Compost. That’s because early in her career, she was one of the first to study the effects of compost on vegetable production, and her work has been recognized by the Rufus Chaney Award, a top accolade in the composting world. Today she’s the go-to resource for southwest Florida’s vegetable growers, who produce tomatoes, squash, peppers and more for Florida’s $1.7 billion vegetable

Women in Ag: Laurie Hurner

You might say that orange juice runs in Laurie Hurner’s veins. A fifth-generation Floridian from a citrus-growing family, Hurner remembers how she and her two sisters grew up in her family’s groves. “At a young age, we started learning responsibility through hoeing orange trees, putting out dry fertilizer and driving the tractor as soon as we could touch the peddles,” she says. “I’ve had a strong love for agriculture my entire

Florida 4-H club lends helping hand to youth affected by California wildfires, floods

GAINESVILLE, Fla. --- As historic wildfires and floods devastated parts of Southern California late last year, youth 3,000 miles away in Marion County, Florida, were thinking about how they could help those affected. Ultimately, the members of the 4-H Horse Specialty Club decided to donate $900 to 4-H families who were struggling after these back-to-back disasters. In 2016, the club also sent aid to those affected by the Tennessee fires.

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